Art in D.C.

D.C. is an amazing place for art! I’ve had so many great experiences exploring galleries with friends, or wandering around by myself if I want a break from campus. Here are some of my favourite art museums that I’ve had the chance to visit on my time abroad.

National Gallery of Art

There’s a giant blue rooster on the roof – what’s not to love? The gallery is of a neoclassical style, and boasts one of the world’s most impressive collections of sculpture and paintings. The gallery has the most beautiful rotunda, which leads you to the 19th-century French galleries full of works by Renoir and Monet. There are also some lovely Van Gogh paintings, amongst many other impressive works. There’s even a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

If you go down to the concourse level, you’ll encounter a tunnel called the ‘Multiverse’ (Leo Villareal) which leads you to the East Building galleries which are full of spectacular modern art.

National Portrait Gallery

Yup, Obama’s portrait is here, and it’s better in real life. Their modern art section is also stunning, boasting this incredible full wall-sized installation of a neon map of America.

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

These galleries are filled with really interesting Asian art. The Freer gallery has a collection that spans over 5000 years, and comprises of over 20000 objects, which include traditional drawings, ceramics, sculptures and paintings. The Sackler gallery includes bronzes and metalworks.

National Museum of African Art

This museum holds an impressive collections of ancient African scripts, paintings, sculptures and costumes.

Hirshhorn Museum

I’ve saved the best for last. The Hirshhorn Museum is probably my favourite art museum D.C. It has large-scale, ambitious, modern art installations that constantly stun me into silence. It’s great to go with friends, as the installations are often interactive and perfect for a good Instagram. It takes you to another world. It’s a wonderful place.

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