A Throwback to Convocation at Georgetown University

I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when Georgetown University posted a picture of a bunch of smiling students with the caption, “There are only 35 days left until classes end, but who’s counting?” It nearly drove me to a crisis. 35 days! 35 days left of mediocre hot dogs and red solo cups (filled with soda…obviously). 35 days left to adjust my taste buds to Southern sweet tea. Now that I’m getting nostalgic, I thought that it would be fitting to reminisce on one of the first major events at Georgetown: convocation.

Convocation is a mandatory event at the start of Fall semester where newly enrolled students don robes to signal their formal entry into the university. It was a very surreal, Oxbridge-esque experience that I didn’t expect to find myself a part – especially as an exchange student.

We received our robes before the ceremony, and were pleased to find out that we got to keep them! This is definitely a look that I’m going to bring on a night out. As we queued outside, the students erupted into chants of “Hoya saxa!” which is a thing we say a lot here, and I still don’t really get it.

The ceremony consisted of speeches from members of the university, ranging from the college President himself to a range of staff and students. It included music, and the opportunity to partake in a very spirited college ‘anthem.’

Look at that smile. She’s ready to learn.
Instagram-worthy close up!
Walking in.
The robes are on! That guy also looks fairly displeased to be there.
A post-convocation photoshoot is a necessity.

Georgetown Convocation was not only one of the highlights of my year abroad, but it was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that I will remember for years to come!

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