Deep Cove – A Year at UBC

Last week I had a friend from home come to visit, meaning that I had an excuse to do lots the things I have wanted to do for ages but just haven’t committed to doing. Vancouver is famous for its landscape – we have the mountains, the sea, green-land and the city just on our doorstep. Unfortunately most of this stuff relies on the weather being good. Lucky for us, the weather was beautiful all week meaning we could do some serious exploration.


If you are coming to UBC, or are ever in Vancouver, I would highly recommend a trip to a small area in North Vancouver called Deep Cove. It is located at the foot of Mount Seymour as well as being on the water’s edge.  Apart from being incredibly beautiful from the bay, there is a great hike you can do from the bay up to Quarry Rock. The hike is not particularly difficult, and you walk through the forest, which on a hot day I imagine would keep you cool.


The walk took us about an hour, and the view upon reaching the top was 100 per cent worth the ascent. It was a totally bluebird day and the view was completely panoramic. Upon the cliff face you can see the sky scrapers of the city, as well as Indian Arm, Burnaby Mountain, Deep Cove, the Eagle Ridge and the Belcarra mountains.

We sat up on the cliff for about an hour to cool down, take pictures, munch on strawberries and just generally to enjoy the view. We were overall sorry to leave the view behind us as we started our descent. We didn’t stay to watch the sunset from the top because wanted to get to the bottom before it got dark, so we watched from the bay instead. We were not at all disappointed.  Deep cove is a magical place, and although the pictures cannot possibly hope to do it justice, I think we saw it at its very best.

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