Outdoors Frosh

End of August, just before university starts, Frosh happens. Frosh is a week full of fun and craziness and people that you will hang out with for the rest of the year, so don’t miss out! You need to register for Frosh online and don’t leave it till the last minute cos the best options might be gone. I picked outdoors Frosh, organised by the McGill Outdoors Club (MOC), by far the best option at McGill! It’s more than worth paying a little more. Cycling Frosh and Camping Frosh were the only two options left for me and so Camping Frosh it was.

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We took a typical North American school bus. Extremely uncomfortable and without seat belts, even though we spent five hours getting to our final destination- Parc national de la Mauricie (we got lost, it’s not actually that far at all).

Altogether we created a little tent forest and the tent in the picture is mine. I shared it with three Danish exchange students (Yes, Frosh is for first year students and exchange students only) and it was soon referred to as The Danish Embassy.

These little creatures were all over the camp side and made the weirdest noises. They kept stealing our stuff. The camp site itself was right next to a lake where we went canoeing. We also went hiking, covered each other in mud, swam in freezing cold, but clear cascade water, played games and set at the bonfire until late at night to sing and chat. I don’t have many pictures of all these activities since I left my phone in the tent.

But here are two! At night we were introduced to traditional MOC games. The upper picture shows me sock wrestling which basically means that I tired to remove my opponents sock without lifting my knees off the ground. In the lower picture we were trying to lift a circular piece of string over the two of us without falling off a pan whilst being faster than the group to our left.

During our last night we all went for a night swim and I discovered this little guy. Canadian wild life.

After four amazing days it was time to leave the wild and return to Montreal. See you soon everybody!! ❤

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