Envirocare Tanzania

This summer I spent 2 months volunteering with a Tanzanian NGO called Envirocare. The project involved visiting 21 schools throughout the Songwe Region in the Westernmost corner of Tanzania.

The project had two main aspects, Environmental Education and Tree planting. We taught at 21 Primary and Secondary schools, with lessons focusing on the importance of trees, deforestation, climate change and agroforestry. Once lessons were over, the school children were taught how to create, plant and maintain a tree nursery we established in their school.

In two months, once the dry season is over and the seedlings have grown, an estimated 5 million trees will be planted by the schools visited, helping alleviate the pressures of deforestation that are pervasive throughout Tanzania, along with all the benefits and amenities that trees provide.

Categories: Africa, Go Abroad Fund, Tanzania

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