Hanska Internship in Berlin

This summer I completed a month-long internship placement with contemporary bag design label, Hanska. I learnt a huge amount throughout my internship placement, developing key skills and techniques as well as meeting new people and making invaluable contacts which will benefit me during life after my degree.

The Hanska studio where I was working was located in central Berlin. I had never been to Germany before and Berlin was a hugely exciting and inspirational city to explore. As well as working within an innovate design company, I loved gaining an insight into the wider fashion industry in Berlin and comparing it to my own experiences of fashion within the UK. This helped broaden my knowledge and understanding of the international fashion industry and inform the direction I may want to take in the future.

Before I left I was nervous that the language barrier may be an issue whilst living in a foreign country. I was pleased to discover how international a city Berlin is, and after picking up a few German words I managed to navigate living within the city very easily. The Hanska studio was also both German and English speaking so it was a lovely environment to work in, filled with friendly and approachable people.

I undertook a wide variety of tasks throughout my internship. I assisted with pattern cutting and the production of the bags themselves. I also helped select and edit photographs from their recent photo shoot in Ibiza for their SS19 catalogue. I also had the task of creating eye catching methods of displaying the bags during the product shoot. I learned a variety of new skills which will greatly benefit me going into my 4th year of study.

My stay in Berlin co-incided with Berlin Fashion Week. I had the opportunity to go to a trade fair where I spoke to other brands and got to learn from the experiences of other designers. This was an amazing experience because within such a fast-paced industry it is so important to always keep up to date with new, innovative designers and movements within design.

As well as developing my creative abilities, I also gained confidence through living totally independently in a new city. I developed my communication and interpersonal skills through facing new challenges every day, which will benefit me when I find myself in new situations in the future.

Overall my internship at Hanska was very rewarding. I have learned new techniques which have enhanced my skills and knowledge for going into my final year of studies, and I have met inspirational individuals who I will definitely stay in touch with. I am very grateful for the support from the Go Abroad Fund which enabled me to take part in this experience.





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