Travelling, Travelling and More Travelling

Tuesday – 25th

Have some curry, rice and more curry.

It was another early start, as we were to leave at 5:15 am. Many people were late though and we ended up getting tea and coffee anyway. The trip from Madria to Nagercoil was uneventful. People mostly slept. We got breakfast and you could tell that the food was getting to everyone. It’s not that it wasn’t good but it was the same meals three times a day, seven days a week. We just wanted some variety at this point. We arrived at the hotel at about twelve and the views were amazing as we were staying on the roof.

DSC_0009After some rest and lunch we started our journey to Nagercoil the fishermen’s village. When we got to the village, we gathered a bit of a crowd as we walked to our destination a local fisherman’s house. After some tea and a talk with the local priest we went down to the beach for a Q&A with some of the fishermen. It was an interesting talk and soon it was dark. The kids had taken quite an interest into us especially Josh who had acquired an entourage.

After a bit of socialising with the kids we left for dinner. To our enjoyment we were able to order our own meal. So after some of a different dinner than usual we set off for the ‘hotel’ and arrived for about half eleven for another early start the next day.

Wednesday – 26th

The first rule of driving in India is that there are no rules.

05:30 was when we had to be up for to see the sunrise. It was surprisingly cold and there was a howling wind. This was optional as breakfast wasn’t until seven


Sadly it was cloudy.


After breakfasting on toast and omelettes we walked down to the beach. Our path was through a market and people bought bits and pieces. I got a couple of pearls for my sister.

The first leg of the journey back to Chennia consisted of one thing. Sleep. All of the long days and early starts had gotten to everyone. There was a good bit of news however, a hotel had been booked for us.


We arrived in Tiruchirappalli and we were quickly reminded of Indian driving. Everyone thinks that they have right of way, especially the two wheelers who I think drive in their own little bubble. I’m surprised we haven’t seen or been in a crash yet.

The hotel was really nice, the room amazing, the bed was comfortable and most importantly there was WiFi. Everyone was happy to get in touch with the rest of the world. Dinner was had and as soon as everyone had their fill of the internet for the day we retreated back to our rooms and I at least fell right to sleep

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