Erasmus Exchange in Freiburg. Part IX

Christmas is approaching with an incomprehensible speed. Today I had my last seminar before the end of this year. It feels weird, but the fact that I’ve been living in Freiburg for nearly 3 months feels even weirder…

This time I don’t really have much of a story to tell or any particular topic to focus on, however, there are a few general things I have to mention.

Concerning Uni

This week I got my first marks from the Uni. Which were much better than I anticipated. It also made me realise that unless you know the German marking system, you might feel disappointment when you should feel joy. To put it simply, the scale of German marking system ranges from 1 to 6, 1 being the best mark and 6 being the worst. So don’t worry if you get 1.3, be happy, since it’s definitely an A 😀
Concerning Surroundings

Last weekend I had a bit more time for exploring. The aim of the hike was to climb Schönberg which is a very easily identifiable hill on the borders of Freiburg. It is really nice and some people say that from there you can see Freiburg from schönste Seite (hence it being Schönberg). Furthermore, from the top of the hill (in addition to Freiburg) you can see Schauinsland and some other famous Schwarzwald hills/mountains as well as the hills/mountains in France. I was even lucky enough to see two deer and a red squirrel in the forest there. In addition to that, there are castle ruins on the lower part of the hill. They might not seem to be as impressive as some ruins in Scotland but they are still quite cool.



And a few other photos from that walk:
2 10 4

I think at the end of my exchange I should write a blog about all the nice places to visit in and around Freiburg 🙂

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