Erasmus Exchange in Freiburg. Part VIII

The Advent is halfway through and you can really feel the Christmas coming. I realized that I already posted some pictures from Colmar’s Christmas market, thus I thought it would be fair if I posted some of  Freiburg’s as well. It is not as big as Colmar’s, but still very busy and very expensive (though I must admit, the prices are not as bad as in Colmar).

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Talking about Christmas, I would encourage you to try to bake some Christmas biscuits from recipes in German. It will not only provide you with some tasty Weihnachtsplätzchen, but will also improve your German. Last year for Christmas I was given a German Christmas Biscuits recipe book (in German obviously) and baking proved to be a very fast way of learning the names of various ingredients.

If you don’t know where to start looking for nice Christmas recipes, I can share one for a tasty Lebkuchen auf dem Blech which I got from some German people I know.

500g Zucker
500g Mehl
1 Pck. (16g) Backpulver
2-3 Essl. Kakao
1 Pck. Lebkuchengewürz
etwas Zimt
1/2 l Milch
2 Essl. Öl
+ Schokostückchen/Marzipan/usw

– Alles verrühren (am besten mit Mixer mit Knethaken)
– Der Ofen bis 175°C vorheizen
– Das Blech mit Butter einfetten und den Teig auf das Blech streichen
– Ca. 30 min backen

Chocolate and marzipan pieces are not a must, but it transforms the Lebkuchen from really nice to awesome. Have fun in case you decide to try it and feel free to ask questions about the recipe.

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