My last day at Ritsumeikan University

It was a bit raining when I was sitting at the bus stop. Some students and a few people were also waiting for the bus in the rain. It was a bit noisy as students were greeting each other because they were going back to their home country soon. At that time, I was gazing at the rain and smiling with my thoughts about what happened in last month. I suddenly recalled my memory of the first day when I came to Ritsumeikan university. My first day to University was a nice start. I went to the university very early as I didn’t want to be late. The staffs welcomed students who came from different countries. Students were separated into different groups. All of us are very new there and they are eager to make friends. The whole classroom was noisy. Since from that first day afternoon, students went to visit to Kinkakuji temple. In the next day, I had to sit for the assessment and going to the first class. Since then, I was quite busy with my studies, activities and going out different places with my new friends. I had such wonderful time through out my studies at Ritsumeikan university. The memory of meeting with strangers randomly when I went to Nara came into my mind. Some friends and I went to Nara one day and on the way we make new friends from Australia and France. In the next day, I met my friend from Australia unexpectedly when I was walking along the Arashiyama river. Then, we went for delicious dinner and make more friends there.  It was so surprising to meet people I know without making an appointment. 

The unforgettable memory of the last day of our studies at Ritsumeikan University was emerging in my mind. Most students feel sad to finish their short summer studies and they still want to continue studying. They were quite sad to go away from University.  They made a lot of friends from different countries, have learned not only Japanese language and culture but also they had new experiences and enjoyment. Some unexpectedly cry, some share laughters together. Many students were chatting with teachers, buddies and friends when they were having very delicious dinner. It was a farewell party; the last dinner to have with them under the same roof. After having dinner, students took lots of photos, made jokes and said “good bye”. It was an awesome day, wonderful time of our last day of summer studies at Ritsumeikan University……

 I forgot to take a few buses to go home as I was drown in my imagination. When I remembered to go home, it was the last bus. So, I took the bus and went home with my happy memories.  I really feel sad to leave but I had to go.  I had wonderful experience at the Ritsumekian University. I wish to come back to study at the Ritsumeikan University in the future. 🙂

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