Japanese traditional Taiko drum experience

I had a chance to participate in so many activities such as Taiko drum (wadaiko) playing, meeting with Maiko who are very popular in Japan. Japanese traditional musical instrument  “Taiko drum” playing is one of my favourite activities.

The Taiko drums are similar to the instruments found in Korea and China. Those drums were introduced to Japan through Korean and Chinese cultural influence. Japanese people use Taiko drum for theatrical accompaniment,  festival performances, religious ceremony and entertainment.

At the first time, two instructors showed us how  to play Taiko drums and we learned to play drum step by step. There were many different kinds of drum playing style. I thought it would be quite easy to play but it actually was a bit difficult. As I had to use strength to play the drums, my arms and hands were sore in the next morning. However, it was energetic, amusing and fun activities. I really enjoyed it.

Maiko “  are performers who have many different skills. They perform by playing the Shamisen ( three-stringed Japanese instrument), singing songs and dances.  They become Maiko when they are about 15 to 20 years old and become geisha after learning how to dance (a kind of Japanese traditional dance), play the shamisen. 

According to our tutor, It is not easy to meet them in person. Although some people have been living in Kyoto for about twenty or thirty years but they have never seen the real Maiko. I was lucky to meet and play with them. It was so much fun to play with them.


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  1. This is good, then, since you get upper body exercise.

    • Hi Arriacross, Ya. that’s true.. It was a lot fun too.. Have you ever tried? I think you should try and hope you will like it.. 🙂

      • No, I still haven’t tried it yet, but I will when I get the chance. I take back what I said before. I was corrected and told that playing taiko works the entire body and not just the upper body. 🙂

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