Halfway through?!

SO. It’s been about two weeks but I feel like I’ve been here for months. I feel so at home here with the incredible people and atmosphere. The only thing that’s been a pain is those pesky mosquitoes! I’m also still trying to adapt to the food and I think I’m getting better, but I do miss my cereal at times. However, I am pretty proud of my chopstick skills – the hand cramps have stopped now that I’m actually using them properly…!




I’ve been going out every evening after my busy 9-5 classes (of which the longest lasts 2 and a half hours!) so I’m really happy I haven’t been wasting Shanghai time. It feels amazing to learn all day and experience the normal student life and then leave class with the freedom to explore an exciting and cultural city afterwards. I’ve seen a lot of museums and the modern parts of the city and next week I hope to experience the older and ‘rawer’ and maybe more authentic sides of Shanghai.





I’ve also learnt the area a bit better now and have been exploring the campus so I’m pretty optimistic about avoiding getting lost! In other news, my attempt at Tai Chi was pretty successful, thank heavens, and so I’m looking forward to the next few lessons where I’ll hopefully improve and be able to do it in my own time. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time here already and it feels ridiculous that I’m about half way through this incredible trip, but I plan to just continue with using every minute wisely and enjoy it all. The next big thing I get to look forward to is a trip to Tongli (Shanghai’s water town) on Saturday which should be interesting!



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  1. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time, J! Well done on adjusting so swiftly. 🙂

  2. Time is going really fast, cant believe its already mid-way but great to hear that your chopstick skills, and familiarity with the local area are improving. I didnt know Shanghai had a “Rawer, Older Town” I do hope its just as safe as the university campus are lol. You’ve mastered the work-hard, party-hard life I see with your regular social evenings, hows the coursework assessment going? Cant wait for you to show us some of your tai-chi moves once your back! Nice photos jahan!

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