I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to go Korea and attend a four week Introduction to Korean Culture course at Konkuk University in Seoul as part of their International Summer Program. I want to once again thank the University of Edinburgh and everyone at the International Office for the scholarship.

As I fly to Korea in only a few days now, here is my pre-departure blog of the goals I hope to achieve whilst I’m out there.

Goal one: Learn more about Korean culture. Enough said.

Goal two: Eat like a local. I can’t recall ever eating Korean food so on finding out that I was going I decided that I wouldn’t eat any until I got out there, so I’m going to do it properly and go in at the deep end food-wise. Maybe I am slightly cheating on this one as Asian food is probably my favourite (apart from pizza) so maybe I won’t be too shocked, but seeing that live octopus is considered a delicacy in Korea, maybe I will!

Goal Three: Attend a Korean Buddhism class. I have been interested in the idea of Buddhism for a while now without ever going beyond reading a few books on the subject, so whilst I’m in Seoul I want to attend a class on meditation/speak to a monk/read some literature on the subject etc. I believe this will come up as part of the course, but it is something that I would like to explore further on my own.

The first skill I’d like to improve on is my time-management (procrastination!) when it comes to studying for the exams at Konkuk University. Secondly, I’d like to develop the skills to get around Seoul without getting lost. Thirdly, as I’ve never “blogged” before, writing an interesting account of my trip once I get out there and figure out how to work this thing can be the third skill I’d like to develop!


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