Travel manifesto version 2.0 (version 1 failed to post and got deleted, thanks wordpress)

SOOOOO my first attempt to post timed out and disappeared.


I’m really not into writing the whole thing again so here’s the jist of it.


I’ll be spending a bit of time at Ritsumeikan (The Rits for short) this summer but first I’m going to Tokyo. I’m actually here right now and it’s pretty impressive. Tokyo station is a force to be reckoned with, let me tell you.


Now, I’m doing a Japanese degree so my big fat number 1 goal: get better at Japanese!

You’d think after a year I’d be pretty well prepared for this but I don’t feel like I know that much. Compared to someone who doesn’t know any Japanese, yeah maybe I know a lot but compared to the whole Japanese language I’m like a baby.


Number 2: Get to grips with the address system. I guess that it sounds good in theory but in practice it’s a bit of a nightmare. I’ll be studying in Japan for third year so I really need to get this.

Here’s a good explanation of what’s going on – click me!

They can also be translated into English but google maps doesn’t understand the English version so any Japanese address you get from an English version website is kind of useless.

Furthermore! Blocks in Japan are numbered instead of there being street names (there are a few but they are just that) On each block the buildings were numbered as they were built, so there is little continuity.


Number 3: Be more motivated. More motivated to make myself do tedious things. I’m a self-confessed last-minute-cowboy, that is I procrastinate until there literally is not a moment to spare. If I can motivate myself to dedicate even a little time every day to practicing with flashcards, writing my kanji, studying my grammar then I think I could be a lot better at Japanese.
At least in Japan I’m forced to look at Japanese everywhere I go but to be completely honest, you could can get by with はい – yes (hai) いいえ – no (iie) すみません – sorry/excuse me (sumimasen) ありがとう – thanks (arigatou) Not that it would be terribly easy but for anyone considering a visit the language barrier shouldn’t put you off.


My unofficial number 4: Don’t miss my boyfriend too much. I’ve travelled a lot and I never get homesick but I definitely get boyfriend sick. 2 months is a long time but at the same time not long at all. And it makes me think about this time next year, I’ll be coming back but for a whole year! So I guess you call this a practice run.


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