Annyeonghaseyo! It’s currently 10am here and I’ve been up for two hours already.
This week has been really good, and I’ve been doing a lot more studying also so I can finally say some useful things in Korean. That was one of my goals in my first blog as well, right?
Instead of a day-by-day entry, I’m going to categorise my week into four different awesome things. Enjoy! 🙂

Awesome things I learned.
I’ve had 12 hours worth of Korean language lessons this week, in which I’ve learned how to count, ask for things, basic to be/to have expressions and lots of vocabulary. We’ve also had homework, but I love learning languages and so it’s not a complete hardship. I think Korean is a really satisfying language to learn because you can pick up the alphabet so quickly and create basic sentences. However, I’m sure that changes as we start to learn about how to actually conjugate verbs and use which degree of formality for which situation.
See? I do study.

Awesome things I saw.
Bongeunsa Temple was our only field trip this week. The buildings were spectacular, again, and we got to try meditation, participate in a tea ceremony and make lotus flowers. There were a lot of lanterns hung up by people with their respect and wishes written on them, and it turned into a beautiful display.
Some street art in Hongdae (I think by high school students?).
We also went to Gangnam and nearly got ran over by some of the crazy drivers in this city. Fun times.

Cat and dog cafes (and also sheep cafes like why no that’s gross) exist here and while we didn’t have time to go into one, this kitty was being really cute and fwuffy at the window, looking all sad – in reality the cafe looks like a really nice place and I’m sure he gets spoiled rotten.

Awesome things I did.
Calligraphy was quite interesting and we learned how to create basic letters in three hours, when it normally takes six months of practise. We created these signs that say ‘our country’ so it’s a nice thing to be able to bring back (even if mine is pretty terrible).
We also tried dancing to K-Pop with a super high-energy instructor and it was a lot of fun. We even attempted a simplified version of EXO’s ‘Growl’, which is really cool and a lot less bizarre than Wolf sorry for making you watch that Mum.

* My goal for the next blog post is to not talk about EXO. *

Finally, a group of us went to Lotte World yesterday, which is one of the biggest indoor amusement parks, and it has a bunch of attractions outside too. So much fun! 🙂

Awesome things I bought.
This strawberry ice-cream:
This nail polish (which I may give to Michelle ‘CAUSE LOOK BUHNIEES):
These waffles:
And this t-shirt:

Aaaand I’m done. Next week there is more classes, Hanbok-wearing and a visit to the De-militarized Zone.
Have a great week!

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