“The Pride of South Australia”

So it’s been far too long since I last blogged here and I thought I would update you. After an Australian summer spent gallivanting around the country with friends, family and boyfriend I arrived back in Adelaide at the end of January ready for the start of the second semester. With most people finished their exchanges in other parts of the world, or at least the work part of it my extended ‘summer’ here seems like a distant memory as I sit writing and studying in the library.

The tone of this semester has been different to the first for several reasons. I now live in a house with 3 fellow Brit exchangers, one a fellow Edinburgh girl. With friends leaving last semester and new students arriving for this one there has been a lot of new faces to meet. I have also started to get more into local life, attending more events and supporting the local footie team (AFL for those not aussie educated!). Where last semester was spent partying and handing around halls if when we weren’t away being tourists, this semester has involved going to see the Adelaide Crows play and settling into a more ‘real life’ routine – a change of pace I have enjoyed.

Footie is huge here in SA, so big in fact that no other sport is really followed, not even rugby. Therefore there was little choice but to become a fan. Although the crows aren’t the strongest team in the league, they a have great supporters and an even better song ( we are the pride of South Australia, the Might Adelaie Crows!!!)! I go each week with my flat mate and we have begun to feel like real fans. I now feel more ‘Aussie’ and less of a visitor or tourist.

We also have a TV this semester. I know that sounds dull and on study abroad you wouldn’t really expect to watch that much TV but it really is an insight into Australia culture. It is pretty different to UK TV and provides much entertainment in our house. It seems Australia is often ‘shocked’ by relatively tame events and a women missing a lock on her front door is cause for a ten minute news story here in Adelaide! But I guess it’s true that ‘no news is good news’ as there I very little serious crime here in old Adelaide.

As this year draws to end me and Iz find ourselves reminiscing a lot and reflecting on this year has meant to us. It’s been an amazing ride – certainly there are ups and downs but I no doubt that when I come to look back on my time here it will lead to only smiles on my face. The hardest thing has been goodbyes – from friends doing a semester to other travellers there seems to always be people leaving. Going through this experience has shown me that it really is the people that matter. It is your friends which make the place great and when you can have fun in an outback town that has one pub and nothing else for miles, you know you’ve made great friends for life!

So I land back in Scotland 5 weeks today and I cannot wait, my mum has already promised to have champagne in the fridge which will we drink with fish and chips. That might sound weird but going a year without a real chippy is tough and many of us Brits have said it will be our first meal at home. Something so quintessentially British it just cannot be replicated!

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