Twenty-one fun

My 21st birthday has made it into Rebecca Charlotte’s top moments of this Australian year. I wasn’t expecting it to be much, but my wonderful friends wanted to ensure that it would be a special day. 21 is a big deal here! Wanting to celebrate in Edinburgh style, I organised a pancake brunch. Friends came and stayed for ages, eating, chatting, playing board games, laughing; it actually felt like heaven! I received beautiful gifts and flowers including a surprise bouquet from my family! Globalisation is ridiculous(ly great)! Michelle made me an incredible white chocolate and raspberry cake. In the evening Dan took me out on a surprise picnic in a park in Kew which overlooked the city. We could see the stars amongst the clouds, and the rain held off for us. We drank tea and ate Chinese; he even brought candles! (You’re secrets aren’t safe with me Daniel.) It was such a beautiful day, that when I woke up on Sunday I thought I’d woken from a lovely dream! It was amazing to think that all of these people, bar Ranga, I didn’t know existed this time last year, and now they are substantial parts of my life. I’m so very thankful for them and for my home here. It was possibly the best birthday yet!

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