When I meet new people now, they assume I’m Australian. It’s a funny thing about exchange that although I’m in Canada I don’t mix with that many Canadians. All the exchanges tend to group together, so my close friends are mainly Aussies and Europeans. Therefore, contrary to expectations I’m picking up more of an Aussie accent than Canadian!…or perhaps it’s just because I’m adopting a lot of their slang…(“Far out brussel sprout!” being my current festive favorite.)

Vancouver has started to get pretty chilly! It’s -20 up in Whistler. I’m off shopping tomorrow to purchase some thermals so I don’t freeze whilst I’m skiing this week. Lots of festive cheer about though, especially on the buses…some have acquired red noses and announce ‘happy holidays’ across their screens. Apparently there are supposed to be a set number of these ‘Rudolf’ buses on each route, to bring a smile to people at this time of year!

I’ve discovered two new foods that I feel have become and will remain staples in my life from now on… Firstly, POUTINE. Chips + gravy + cheese. So simple, yet so good – especially on a hangover. Hits the spot. Secondly, and no better for your health, Nanaimo bars. A specialty from the town of Nanaimo, over on Vancouver island, these naughty treats are essentially made up of three indulgent layers: 1. A wafer coconutty biscuit base 2. A vanilla custard centre 3. A solid chocolate cap = mmmmm, heaven.

The ski resort Big White was overrun with UBC exchanges last weekend for our end of semester trip. A 20cm dump of fresh powder greeted us on arrival, so the skiing was insane. Snow tubing is certainly up there on my list of top things I’ve done out here in BC so far – great fun – especially spinning down as a big group!



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