Sex, Ballinlough and the Great British Bake Off

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With shop windows filling up with hideously audacious Halloween costumes, street corners being adorned with gargantuan pumpkins and the leaves taking on their rusty, autumnal tinge, it’s hard to believe that its already week seven of my stay in Canada.

Summer is most definitely a distant memory, so too are the blissful days of sauntering through the corridors unknown to everyone around you. No bad thing, I admit, but it does bring about the unfortunate burden of social awareness. Essentially meaning that it’s most definitely too late to ask the name of that guy you happen to bump into everywhere, and who religiously greets you with a hearty ‘Hello, Rory’ every time. Oh dear.

It’s sex week on campus. A bizarre construct envisaged by the university as a way of raising awareness amongst students of the dangers of unprotected sex. Along with the bombardment of terrifying pamphlets, there seems to…

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