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Making the most of a year abroad, any form of travelling in fact, is an exercise in empiricism. In other words, without necessarily realising it, your senses heighten to the world around you, more smells, more sights and most importantly, more tastes!  Food can tell us a lot about a place, moreover, what we eat can reveal a lot about ourselves. Anyone that’s been to Canada, or more accurately, been to Canada and ‘gone on the lash’ will be well acquainted with what’s known as ‘Poutine’. French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, essentially a ‘Cheesy, Gravy chip’ for the Northern Irish readers, comes out way on top of Joe Canada’s drunken-munch cravings. Sure it’s possible to get a kebab or a pizza, but people simply don’t. More than anything, there’s a sense of National Pride in the Poutine, it’s Canada’s own, and it’s their way of saying that…

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