Dumb Ways To Die

The public transport system is one of Melbourne’s pride and joys. And I’ll give it to them; it’s pretty great. The ‘myki card’ was introduced relatively recently, and though I get the impression it’s ruffled a few of the older citizens’ feathers, it makes travelling around the city super easy. You top up your myki however much you want and then ‘touch on’ and ‘touch off’ on these cute little machines (an art I’m still yet to perfect), and the appropriate fare is deducted from your myki. Trams are one of the city’s selling features. There’s a free inner-city tram which is great for tourists, but not so useful for Melbournians. The other city trams are frequent and slow enough to cause mild irritation but ideal for a rainy and/or lazy day. The Metro Trains are a part of the myki system and allow you to get to just about any suburb. I’ve been braving the city on my second hand bike, and there are cycle lanes everywhere in the CBD (Central Business District), which slightly reduce my anxiety on the road.

What I really want to tell you about, however, is Melbourne’s advert campaign for safety around trains; Dumb Ways To Die. This advert is cute, quirky, and unbelievably hilarious. I’ve become addicted to watching it, and Emma (one of my Cardi girls) is addicted to the Dumb Ways To Die App. It’s also apparently won 5 awards and been named the best advert in the world!

So if you’re not convinced that Melbourne is one of the coolest cities, or if you just want to laugh a lot, you’d better watch this..


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