Adventuring into Adelaide

“I’m finally here!” That was my first and only thought when I first arrived here in Adelaide but after having been here for just over a week and a half I feel pretty settled. After months of nerves, piles of paperwork and too many goodbyes the relief of finally being here is huge. It’s funny how quickly we seek out others in the same position as ourselves when we are in a new and scary situation; within a couple of days I felt like I had bonded with a good new group of friends and that has made life here a lot easier.

My accommodation is awesome; social and centrally located. I am sharing my flat with four guys (three brits and a nowergian) which is different to what I’m used to but a lot of fun. My table tennis skills are rapidly improving, although I can already beat most of the guys (something which Luke is not too happy about!). 

Last week was international O-week so we had a few trips and events. The highlight was the day trip to wildlife park where I met my first kangaroo – there is one thing to tick off the bucket list. However, I was in the minority in not liking the kangaroo but believe me they are scary, rat-like animals (the koalas however were pretty cute)!  We then went on to Victor Harbour which was a beautiful coastal town and it was on that day that I finally felt like I had arrived in Australia, sitting by the beach with nothing but clear skies and blue water in front of me.

From sports bars to clubs, I live round the corner from the ‘strip’ which makes going out pretty fun – my halls seem to be where we all party before hand too. I’m looking forward to many more typical Aussie nights out which so far seem not too dissimilar from those at home…

However, it is called ‘study’ abroad for a reason, I’m not just here to explore, party and joke around and this became all too apparent when sitting in a lecture theatre listening to my new lecturer talk about Australian politics this morning. While work seems to have come around far too quickly, it brings with it exciting opportunities to meet more locals and begin to understand the Adelaide culture a little better. 

With the start of term comes the start of uni sports – something which I am very eager to get involved in. A friend and I went to watch the uni women’s Aussie rules football team and as of next week we will be playing – I’m not going to lie, I am pretty terrified but at least I will be able to say I have done it. 

So for now it’s back to life here in Adelaide, where everything seems to be going at double speed. But just to warn you, if you are expecting a decent BBQ here in Australia don’t expect to be given a bread roll along with it – my flatmate Richard is most disenchanted with their substitution of sliced bread.

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