My first American Baseball game!!!

We woke up early on Wednesday morning and met for breakfast at about 8.30. We went for our last trip to Little Johns, the restaurant, for breakfast where I had french toast, which was pretty good. After breakfast we jumped on the bus and went for a trip downtown where we went to visit the new African American Heritage Centre. It has just recently opened in January, along with the community centre, which offers services to the local community. Unfortunately, the African American Centre is still not finished, so we were unable to see much of it although I still enjoyed our tour of this building.

After that we went for a tour of downtown Charlottesville and had a look around the shops where we each bought something. The town was really cute with lots of little boutique shops. After this we came back up towards the university where we had lunch at Newcomb Hall like we do most days. The food is really nice and it is all you can eat which is great!!

After Lunch we went to a Seminar session presented by Mark Thompson – an English man who went to Oxford University and is a professor of history and economics. He spoke about the differences between Scottish/British and American Education which was quite interesting. I think it’s funny how everyone here at UVa are so proud of the whole Thomas Jefferson thing to the point where every person we talk to mentions Thomas Jefferson!! We just have to nod, agree and pretend we don’t already know what they’re talking about haha! So a lot of the things Mark Thomson spoke about we kind of already knew, nevertheless it was still good.

We had amazing weather and in between everything we were able to lie on the grass and relax which was lovely. Everyone’s tan is fairly coming on. Later about 5ish we had dinner in Newcomb Hall again which was good – I’m loving all the fast food!

The most fun part of the day was the UVa Baseball vs. Radford U. at the Davenport playing field. Unfortunately, UVa did not win! It was a really interesting experience even although I’m not that into sports. AND the food was amazing!! I had a burger and popcorn. It was a brilliant way to finish off a lovely day. J

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