Looking back

Here I am, staying at a freinds’ place as I moved out of my flat in the end of May, all packed up and ready to go. All the finishing touches like closing down my bank account, returning my books to the library, cleaning my room, and leaving my bike to someone who would appreciate it are in place. All that is left for me to do is say goodbye and go to the airport.

These past couple of weeks some ritual activities have emerged. We have been going to saunas a couple of times a week since a friend living in Studentstaden realised they are free and bookable. A pro-social friend has introduced the concept of dumpster diving into my little world. I don’t really go, as the Flogsta ICA is quite far for me, but I gladly appreciate the products of his labour: namely, he makes ice cream out of the fruit he finds (all in fine condition).

A goal of mine has become to finish off all the alcohol I brought with me. As challenging as it seemed, it did not prove difficult. It was all gone before the staff party on the 3rd of June, which was quite fun and it was worth postponing my departure for it. After the last staff party I had to fly on the next day: I mistake I did not repeat, so I had one last calm day to contenplate about everything.

Ever since the weather changed, I started jogging, and my path went through some fields full of dandelions (not so phenomanal, I guess, because I’ve been seen dandelion fields everywhere around Uppsala). Every time I pass through them, I was thinking of taking a picture of this sea of yellow. It made me smile every time.

Last week we went to a cabin in the forest close to the lake. I would like to tell you the name of the cabin, but among the many things I threw away was the map there. It was great: cycling down South, we passed throw a lot of yellow fields and I took my photo there. We left out bikes at the forest and continued on foot to the cabin. Somehow we managed to get lost despite the numerous signs and out clear map, but it was all good. I think we should have gone earlier: something like early April, when the mosquitos are not flourishing. I had the weird idea they would go away if we light a fire, because of the smoke. Wrong. But inside of the cabin, there were none, and it’s quite a nice place. You should check it out, it has fireplaces and running water, beds, candles, cutlery, and firewood. Pretty amazing you can go there at any time.

But now as I walked by all the flowery fields have turned white and it makes me kind of sad. I can’t help thinking about all the other things I could have done and all the amazing people I would like to have gotten to know a bit better. Many people are seriously considering doing a Master’s here, but I know it is not really the place itself rather than all the people around, and I have been spending time with students in exchange or a Master’s degree. I am trying not to be sad because of things past and look forward to my summer. I am not really leaving. I am meeting small parts of my Uppsala world at different points in the summer.

Looking in perspective, I am glad to be going back to Edinburgh. I have really missed the people, the cycling paths, Arthur’s seat, the beach, the pubs and cafés, and the whole feeling of the city. Uppsala has been one full year of my life, and I have had quite a good time here, but Edinburgh is a place that I think of as home and I am excited about getting back.

That’s all in September, of course. We’re already looking for flats, but between Edinburgh and me lie 3 months of peaceful summer back Home. The original Home. I can hearing it calling me back, and it is time.

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