So, last month was eventful

My my my, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My apologies! Today, we go back in time to the 19th January, when I set off to Spain again to take my exams for the semester. I had booked a bed in a hostel for five days, so it was wonderful when I arrived to find a lovely wee nook! I had my own room, with air conditioning and a TV. And a desk, which I theoretically ought to have used for revision. But, as Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables says, you should NEVER to spend the night before an exam cramming, because you’ll have learnt all you can already, and you’ll only get stressed and tired and be in a mess for the exam itself. So I took her wise (if fictional) advice, and watched lots and lots of TV :)

My first exam was great. I understood everything that was being asked of me, even the flowery language in the poems I was analysing, and it went rather splendidly. It was a three hour exam though, which is a bit excessive for five questions, so I left early and went and had some tapas to celebrate! My second exam was in the afternoon, so I went along for the prompt start of 4pm, only to find that the room was empty, with no one around. This happened loads in term time, where rooms were changed with no note or advanced warning, so I went to check at the office, but the man confirmed that there had been no room change. I contemplated just going home, but I thought I probably ought to persist, seeing as I had opted to be assessed entirely by exam. I headed back up to the room, which was still glaringly vacant, and plonked myself on a nearby bench. Then, I spied my History professor! She approached me, all smiles, to say she’d come ‘just in case anyone turned up’. She explained that the exam wasn’t on, and as I hadn’t submitted any coursework, I had failed the course. Which was something of a surprise!

So my weekend was full of frantic emails to Alcalá’s Erasmus office, my Edinburgh year abroad coordinator, my Director of Studies, and all sorts. Alcalá told me there was nothing I could do; that it was an unfortunate misunderstanding by me, thinking that the exam was in January, and by the teacher, who must have assumed I was staying for the second semester. Edinburgh told me to go to the office in person, and to my professor, and beg a resit. If they wouldn’t give me one, he said he would call and intervene, and if that did nothing he would ‘talk to the Teaching Office [in Edinburgh] about giving me a mark’, which essentially boils down to making one up! I went to the Erasmus office in Alcalá, who were helpful after all. They gave me a form to fill in which officially requests a resit, with my explanation of what happened. Though, it has been about a month since, and I’ve yet to receive news! Mañana mañana.

I had my final exam on the Monday afternoon, and flew home early Tuesday morning. Mission accomplished!

Just got the news through that I passed both the exams I sat! PARTY TIME! Not very well, to be honest (with a 5 and a 6 out of 10, when 5 is the pass mark) but it is done and dusted and I don’t have to resit! History is marked as ‘not submitted’, with a 0, so still need to sort that out.

Coming up next: Arriving in St Petersburg, Vol I!

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