Ping pong and Sexa

I feel quite proud of myself, actually. In the past week I have managed to write my first From Brain to Mind homework essay, start a course (Biochemistry of Gene Regulation), clean my room, do my laundry, study a couple of pathways for Molecular Cell Bio, work a shift in Kalmar, go to two Ping Pong events promising to become quite regular, learn to make spinach soup, start liking müsli, see a couple of nice movies, read a great book and still have a night of drinking games that lasts till 5:30 am.

Although SOPA and ACTA seem to be the predominant story over the internet recently, here it seems that people don’t think too much of such matters. I was surprised to find that none of my politics-majoring friends were better informed than me.  9gag is full of anti-ACTA posts, which I find silly as it was signed a few days ago already. I certainly hope this is not the beginning of outrageous court cases such as the ones in the US (Jammie Thomas-Rasset) happening in Europe.

So anyway, about my academic life: I am actually enjoying the courses I am taking more than I expected. People that I have talked to shared their experiences with me and it seems that maybe I was unlucky last semester (see my rant ‘Education’) as some courses (especially the Microbiology course) were organised very nicely.

Faith in Uppsala University teaching: restored. Apart from the fact that I have quite a lot of work. I actually have to put in an effort to keep up.  This is nice feeling, though, because the assessment is spread out: I wouldn’t have to freak out at some exam period.

It turns out that in Kantorsgatan (where I live) there is a table tennis room. A friend of mine got the key and we just came back of playing for almost 2 hours. Ping pong for the win, I think this is becoming an important passion of mine. Games are important, and after we stopped playing Risk/Diplomacy/Card Games as often, I felt that something had been missing for me. After all, Chicken Invaders is far from satisfying my appetite for games. Plus it lacks the social element.

So after I worked properly (long shift) yesterday for the first time in awhile, I had a sexa (after work gathering with drinks) that I hadn’t even realised I had missed. But I had. It was so nice, playing silly drinking games with a mixture of people that you’ve known for awhile as well as people you’ve just met that night (while working). Hours just fly by in conversations about random topics ranging from space helmets to the Holocaust, from sexual experiences to Indian motorbikes.

Unfortunately that leads to feeling of extreme laziness for the most of the next day. Fortunately, the next day happened to be Saturday. I didn’t have uni yesterday, so I was feeling like it was Saturday. When I realised Saturday is today, I felt great: I’ve won a whole day.

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