November Rain in Catalunya

As you can guess from the time that’s passed since my last post, I’m either not among the living anymore or I’ve completely forgotten about my blogging duties. After all, not much else can happen in Spain that could keep me away from my favorite activity. However, turns out there’s this thing called a partial exam here in BarcelonaTech. Then there’s this other thing called coursework. And this third thing called a Catalan class. Not to mention the thing that’s always on the back burner when the first 3 happen simultaneously  – life. So while my code’s compiling, I’m not going to slack off, instead I’ll give you the highlights from the past month and a half.
First I need to stress the fact that for the past 2 weeks it’s been raining excessively. I don’t think I’ve seen so much rain in my entire life put together. Even with my 2 years in Edinburgh included. If only I had galoshes… So I decided that a good place to hide from the rain one Saturday was the Barca stadium (Camp Nou). There’s also a museum inside, where you could go and discover interesting facts about the history of the club and see Messi’s T-shirt. The stadium itself is huge, and well…empty. It’s really hard to get a ticket for any of the games played there, so I see why they profit so much from turning the place into a tourist destination when it’s not being used. The only reason I like big stadiums is because they fit loads of people, and that’s cool if you go there to see Bon Jovi or Aerosmith. But if you are not a huge Barca fan, if I were you, I’d keep my 22 euros safe in my pocket or better yet spend them on real cultural activities.
Speaking of which, I had  friend visit me from Edinburgh a month ago. We covered all major sightings in Barcelona in only 5 days, which by itself implies lots of running from our part, but I’m proud to say we did it and did it successfully. I guess the fact that it wasn’t raining as much helped considerably. And I finally visited Gaudí’s most famous work – Sagrada Familia, that’s being under construction for the last 125 year or so and still, only 65% to if are completed. It is predicted to be done in 2026 (the centennial of Gaudí’s death). But even unfinished it’s huge and….well, amazing.

So that I don’t make this post too gloomy, I’d like to tell you how much I liked my first Catalan class. So much even that I signed up for a second one. I may be fluent by the end of the year if I keep it up. Besides, it’s a great way to meet people, having in mind that most of my courses have like 10 students each, which doesn’t really make it easy for us, ERASMUS students.
I’ve also been on the search for a new flatmate in the last month, since my previous one surprisingly left for Durham to study English. For the whole month there was nobody interested in the room, I did get kind of worried by the end, but yesterday we found a Catalan guy who’s gonna move in in a week or so. Basically it seem that I’ll be forced to speak Catalan all day every day, so I’ll count this as just one more plus that the year abroad deal comes along with.

Now that I’ve used up my excuse that my code is compiling, I need to run. From now on I’ll start apologizing for my English at end of my posts, because since I don’t have anyone to practice it with anymore, it’s been deteriorating. What is more, the professor of my only course that’s in English speaks worse than me in 8th grade. Thank God he’s at least entertaining…

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