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Having a free week was awesome. I want it to be like this all the time. It wasn’t boring in any way, and I still had some responsibilities: swedish course, reading brain and behaviour textbook… just 50% load, which gave me time to work 3 full days in Kalmar: lots of fun. I watched one movie only (with some friends over), but managed to see lots of youtube videos, stand up comedy, and TV series. I realised that South Park had been out for a couple of weeks already. The amount of things you’re missing out while you actually have a life 😀

Don’t get me wrong: if you come in Uppsala you would probably feel this way all the time. Everyone I was hanging out with was having a regular week, it’s just that a regular 100% level C course is not the same as having a second year Master’s course + two extra subjects that I just wanted to take.  Not complaining, though. I’m having a blast. And after catching up with the normal pace of the world for a week, I’m ready to kick it off once again.

Advanced Neurobiology started. It’s pretty cool, and nicely organised: we have lectures until 12 every day (starting at 8 or at 10) and seminars on Fridays. It has a take-home exam in January and a 1000 word literature project (with a partner) that you get to choose the topic for. The list had some interesting things, but they said they are open to suggestions, so we’re going to ask if we can do synesthesia. How brilliant is that!

Autumn is moving away, to my regret. I was planning on taking a picture of one tree that is on the path on my way home, but the leaves have fallen off now. It was a beautiful tree, the colours were so bright orange and yellow, and right next to it there was another tree, a red one. It struck me that I would never see it again, because I’m constantly relying on the fact that I have a lot of time in Sweden. That’s why I haven’t been to a gasque yet, I can always go to one in the spring. But in the spring the tree wouldn’t be bright orange and yellow. I guess this is life.

I am getting quite accustomed to Sweden. On a bright day when the air was clear, I saw the mosque in the distance (I live quite near the mosque). It was pretty far away; I was surprised I could see it. Then I turned around and saw the castle and the cathedral. A warm feeling came over me as I was seeing the landmarks that help me around town all at once. I’m starting to really like it here.

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