I am tired. I have been tired the last couple of days. I could wait until I’m all positive before writing, but that would be cheating, so here it is, a different side of life in Uppsala.

I am tired of the rain. I dread it every morning. The first thing I do when I wake up is look out the window and check the weather forcast for the next 2 hours. I don’t have mudguards, so my bagpack takes in a fair amount of splashes if it’s one of those days.

I am tired of my course. Proteins are kind of cool, but I wish I didn’t have to deal with the same thing every day from 10 till 3.  Good news is I have my theory exam on Friday, so I get the next two days off as study time.

I am tired of trying to understand Swedish. Today I had my second Swedish 2 class and the teacher spoke in Swedish only. She was explaining Swedish terms in Swedish, which is great for learning the language, but it takes a lot of effort from our part. I’m struggling and that’s not common for me.

I am tired of having my room untidy, but I swear it gets messed up by itself. I cleaned it yesterday; I don’t know where all this stuff on the floor came from.

I am tired of meeting new people. Events in which crowds of strangers get together are tedious: ‘ where are you from, what do you study’ – type conversations are a chore and even saying it in Swedish doesn’t make it better any more.

There was a free chocolate-tasting session at Kalmar nation today. I hadn’t had dinner and I think I may have had too much chocolate. This could be one of the reasons I am tired.

I would go to bed, but I need to wait for my flatmate who promised to help me fix my brakes, because every downhill I feel as if I’m playing Russian roulette (will a car appear from the side road this time?). I think the rain has messed them up, and I tried fixing them with a screwdriver spell, but the magic didn’t work. And then I will sleep for 2 days and I don’t care if someone has a birthday or if I need to study. I am resting and having a break from the world with a cup of tea.

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