Ya empieza las clases

Almost 3 weeks in España now & I’ve finally found time in my busy schedule to write another blog entry. Well, when I say busy I mean busy topping up my tan and attending fiestas! Having said that Spanish classes have now started, so now we actually have to do some work. We went for our classification exam on Monday and then started classes properly on Tuesday. Due to some bad luck and a late night on the Monday I arrived late for my first class. As the beginners classes were in the morning we did not think to go then and the teachers agreed with us but I was put into a basic class that started at 11. That same day I managed to change to a higher class though so the Wednesday class was much better. The advanced classes are 15.30- 19-30 which is a bit of an annoying time but at least the level is better. & it allows for a lie in which in this culture is always appreciated.

We managed to choose a good week to start classes as coincidently there was a festival in Málaga on the Thursday and Friday, so we only had 2 days of classes before more holiday and therefore more time on the beach!

Friday, however, we decided to venture away from the city to somewhere more, umm familiar! The 3 hour bus journey west took us back to the U.K, to Gibraltar! The early 5.30 start was worth it to get to see this little paradise, an island of fish and chips and M&S in a sea of Spanish culture. It literally was like being back at home, everything from the traffic lights to the ambulance sirens! The best part was undoubtedly when we went by cable car up the rock to see the monkeys. They are adorable although very good fighters as Thorid discovered when she had to fight one for her water bottle back! It was a great little trip although I´ve got to admit it´s nice to be back on Spanish soil where things are just that little bit different from home.

We also discovered that day that our “French” flatmate was actually just here for a week and wasn´t even French and that our real flatmate for the semester would arrive on Friday. The language barrier does produce some funny situations but we are both quite happy with the result of this.

So today it was back to shopping at Lidl, of course, with my German flatmate and relaxing on the beach. I have now purchased my book for the Spanish classes and do have some homework but as the song we studied says correctly, valió la pena!

Until next time.

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