French Bureaucracy, Monasteries and 8 Euro Drinks…

Ok, So I may be a bit drunk, and I’ve only been here for 2 (very stressful) days but I absolutely love this place. It kinda feels like I’ve been here for ages but ok let’s see. I arrived on Wednesday evening after getting very lost (cheers dad), and basically just crashed cause we’d been travelling for 3 days so were pretty exhausted. So on Thursday we had our first welcome meeting for Erasmus students, which of course involved far too much information in one go and far too many forms to fill in. Typically the majority of forms required a permanent address, which I unfortunately didn’t have so I was a tad bit screwed. But the campus is absolutely amazing, everyone seems lovely so far even though it’s mostly been other exchange students rather than French people but that’s obviously who you’re going to meet right now with everything we’re doing being for foreign students. Anyway, went off to a couple of flat viewings in the afternoon with the hope of finding something and moving in that evening but naw. The first one was just mingin and the second had too many other people interested so I wasn’t holding out much hope. Also attempted to get a French phone number but they wanted me to have a bank card, and when I tried to get a bank account they needed my French phone number and an address so basically it’s impossible to do anything here. Didn’t even bother trying to get a tram card because the queue was miles long, and basically at the end of the day I’d achieved pretty much nothing which was a bit merde eh.

This morning I did actually manage to set up a bank account by having the smart idea of putting down someone else’s address, which they said was fine for the moment then as soon as I get my own I just come in and change it. So that was awesome cause it meant I wasn’t carrying around thousands of Euros and living in fear of getting mugged. Went to the Erasmus office and the halls residence correspondent person to see if I could get into halls as a last resort and they said there was not a chance in hell, which was very helpful so I started to panic slightly more than I already had been. Theeennnn we had a wee tour of the uni, had lunch, got our student cards which again took bloody ages, involved too much paper work, and our student cards are LITERALLY cards, as in they are made of cardboard rather than plastic. Caught the end of a sortof important meeting because the student card fiasco took so long and over-ran so I have no idea what went on there, something to do with choosing courses, idk.

Anyways so then a couple people this morning told me about this place that used to be a monastery and had been turned into halls but not owned by the uni. So a couple of us went to check it out and it seemed like a pretty nice place. The building & grounds are gorgeous and everyone seems lovely and friendly so I fiiiinally have a place to stay! Even though it was only two days it seemed like forever. But yeah, tomorrow I’ll move in and weeee, exciting.

So then this evening we went out and someone yesterday was talking about this local alcohol so I thought I’d try it. First off, the amount we were given was maybe 4 or 5 shots worth. Second, it was disgusting. And third, it got you very, very drunk. So I’m undecided, it has its pros & cons y’know. Oh I also ordered a malibu & coke which the bartender had never heard of (wtf?!) and drinks were 8 euros. This is going to take a lot getting used to cause I’m a £1 drinks at Hive kinda girl.

Soz for the drunken ramble guys 🙂

Oh and here’s a pretty picture of part of the campus ❤

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