Naps, tea, and Kalle Anka

They haven’t designed the course programmes too well, I think. That is, except if you study law/politics/philosophy, in which case you always get classes in the afternoons, but if you’re in science, chances are your day starts at 8/9 because you have to be at uni at 9/10. Half of the times it’s because you have a web practical from 9 till 12, then a lunchbreak and lectures at 1. The web practical consists of a number of things you have to do, but basically they leave you in the computer room to do your stuff, which takes me about an hour and a half to do. I’ve decided to turn up quite late for those…

Waking up at 8 does not sound like that big of a deal, but it is when your evenings are late. A flatmate of mine is a Pink Floyd fan, who has a projector and hadn’t seen The Wall. Perfect. Ten people watched The Wall projected on my wall and it was awesome. And after that we went to a party…

My solution: started taking naps in the late afternoon. It is quite weird: I have two types of  ‘days’. Half of them are my morning days, which are work-related. Breakfast, lectures/web lab, facebook and lunch, more lectures, home, bed. The other half are much more interesting and unpredictable.

So the best thing is, when I wake up I have no idea what time is it and what’s in for me. At 8 in the morning I get a bit disappointed, but at 7 in the evening I’m nicely surprised.

Both kinds of days start with a cuppa tea. I am officially addicted; I think it’s what I’ve brought from the UK and I’ve converted everyone. I taught my flatmates how to play ring of fire and we played it with tea. Then we decided to put some rakia in the tea (rakia is a 50% alcohol that I’ve brought from Bulgaria; it goes well in tea). After 2 games we came up with the idea to play poker. Then someone said poker goes well with whiskey. Great night, that. Not that great of a morning, though.

I’m accepted into the Swedish Level 2 course, which is awesome. Lots of people got rejected; basically, you need a special reason if you want to attend, because they don’t have enough spaces for everyone. What got me in is that I’m taking the course Medical Physics next semester, which runs in Swedish. It’s not impossible, because it’s an internet based course and my assessment is all online (if I get stuck, I can always use google translate or a swede); but I would still need the language.


That starts tomorrow, but I’m not relying on classes only. In my experience, learning a language simply doesn’t work unless you use it for something fun. So I’ve bought a bunch of these Donald Duck magazines from a charity shop, 50p each (bargain). I used to love them as a kid, guess they’re not that popular in the UK but they were everywhere back home, and here as well. So they’re called Kalle Anka. I checked in google why they changed the name. The automated translator told me that ‘anka’ means duck. So that’s logical. Then I wanted to see if Kalle stands for anything at all, and the translator said Kalle (which is an equivalent of Carl, as I found out later) means Donald. I guess Kalle Anka truly is big here.

I’m far from getting everything, but I catch enough to follow the storyline. I was quite proud of myself when I got Uncle Scrouge offering to repay Huey, Dewey, and Louie with easter candy from his chocolate factory and their remark that it’s probably been out of date for more than a year. I’m getting there 🙂

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