Magical Mystery tour

It’s a busy month with my lectures starting tomorrow, my Catalan course coming to its end and the orientation week at UPC at its height. I used to carry around a notebook in order to write down everything I’d like to share with you. That got old. Now I rely only on my fragile memory to put into words the impressions I gather from this amazing place. In my first draft for this post I wrote about the way people tend to gather based on their nationality, especially the Italians since they are a majority here. I also wrote about how I was able to distinguish the only other Bulgarian girl in my Catalan group just by glancing at her posture and the way she carried her books and laptop along with her white leather purse. My last draft was about the well-known fact that bureaucracy, punctuality and organization are lacking here in Spain. It all got way too heavy.

Instead, I decided to share with you the amazing experience of seeing the Font Màgica (Magic fountain) in Barcelona. To be honest, it is possible it amazed me so much only because I didn’t plan to go and see it. I was walking around exploring Montjuïc (“Jew Hill” in medieval Catalan) where you can also see the National Museum of Catalonia Art, the Olympic Stadium, etc. When I was walking up the hill I saw the fountain but it didn’t even have water inside. It got dark, so I decided to get back and I noticed (well, it was more like it hit me in the head) that HUNDREDS of people were gathering on the stairs of the museum whispering things such as “It is going to start soon?” and “Would I be able to see it from here?” The view from the top of the stairs was amazing, so I thought this is what they were referring to. However, when I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard music and I saw what was capturing their attention – the Magic fountain lived up to its name. It is a show, a spectacle even, of light, sound and movement. It is so magical that I will not even try to describe it with words. The feelings I got while I was observing it can only compare to those I got while watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night during my first year in Edinburgh. Both are so incredible that all of your problems are pushed to the background and nothing but the present moment matters.

My long video of Font Màgica ahead.

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  1. Wow, i wish I could see it. The video seems amazing. maybe next year….

  2. Next year def!

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