Welcome to the Jungle (or “Thank God there’s air-conditioning in the Metro”)

I’ve always been over prepared for everything. Still there is something that goes wrong every single time. I guess this is exactly why I neglected to get ready for my arrival in Barcelona last week. So many great songwriters preach to us about the “go with the flow” and “live on the edge” way of life, that I felt compelled to listen to them. I booked a room in the first hotel I found on the web, which consequently turned out to be way too expensive for the quality of services it offered. I packed my bags in less than half an hour. And I left.

Observation: Every time I pack for a long stay I have less and less luggage. I must have embraced the minimalist in me.

Anyways, that was last Wednesday. I arrived at El Prat Airport only to find out that the train that was supposed to take me close to the hostel was under construction. So I got a bus and… a Metro. An air-conditioned Metro, a.k.a Heaven on Earth.

On that note I must mention what’s the weather like in Barcelona. Well, it’s hot, no surprise there. But moreover it’s humid. Way too humid to allow functioning on a level above that of the average snail.

By some miracle or thanks to the help 2 polish guys hitchhiking around Europe offered me, I found the hostel and settled in. I stayed there for a couple of nights, met a few nice people from all over the world, made a friend from another continent, gave my sheets to a strange girl in the bathroom that had forgotten her towel and didn’t know her room number, that sort of stuff.

A few fairly practical yet random tips:

  • If you are looking for a place to stay in Barcelona, check www.idealista.es (special thanks to Sarah from California). You can click on the map itself to pick a region you are interested in. Else, if you are not so fond of maps, www.loquo.es is for you.
  • If I were you I’d organize a few viewings before I arrive, the less time and money you spend on hotels, the more time you’ll have to explore the city.
  • O2 in Spain is called Movistar (this info is for all you O2 fanboys/girls).
  • In August everyone is on holiday, all businesses are closed “de vacaciones”.
  • If you plan to eat at McDonalds, get a jacket or get a cold, it’s your own choice.
  • Bring your passport, not only your ID, everywhere with you.
  • No, your phone is not constantly vibrating; it’s the Metro that shakes the bench you are sitting on.
  • Enjoy life on the wild side.
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  1. What an informative blog! Thank you, Dora! 🙂

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