Results of exams… and going to Bilbao!

My time here is indeed running out. Tomorrow I am going with Tania on a roadtrip to Bilbao to the BBK Live festival where we will see COLDPLAY and THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and AMY WINEHOUSE and !!! (chk chk chk) and CRYSTAL CASTLES and BLONDIE and JACK JOHNSON and SEASICK STEVE and TV ON THE RADIO and KASABIAN … it is seven hours by car without toll roads!! We will have to get up early to make it there before 22.00 so that we can watch Coldplay !

Today I found out the last of my results: for Advanced Syntax. I got:

8.8 for the Exam (MidTerm 2) (Out of 10)

9.5 for Tutoria Integrada 3 (the Final Assignment)

In my Theatre Class I got 10 for my play (called “Two Foxes: A Play”) – out of ten, which was 70% of the mark! I was glad. I call it Theatre Class because to be honest I am not really sure what it is called – on “Campus Virtual”, the university intranet for students, I think one could call it, it is called: Hª DEL TEATRE ANGLÈS: BRITISH THEATRE TODAY – it is more “Contemporary British Theatre”, and thus I call it Theatre Class. For class participation (which included acting in plays), which made up 30% of the course, I got 9 out of 10, which is also really good until you compare it to people who got 10 and you feel you did as much as them if not more but OH WELL it is good and the teacher said she had trouble assigning marks especially because she gave people 0.75 marks to each person who went to see a play that was originally British, up to three plays. I had seen one play, Madame Melvile, and so my final mark was ten out of ten!

For History of English, “Historia de la Llengua Anglesa” (not sure how to spell it), I was worried I would not pass because I struggled a lot with the loose content, the in-depth ambiguous questions in exams and the extensive draining assignments, failing (only slightly jiji) two exams (I think) with just under 5 out of ten eg. 4.8 in Partial 2 (Exam), and 4.6 in Partial 3 (Exam) ((5.4 in Partial 1, the first exam), but I passed! With 5.8being my final mark, it was not so spectacular, but all I needed was to pass, and so when I got

8.6 – in the final assignment (Assignment 5) on Early Modern English and

7.4 – in the final exam (Partial 4)

along with other good marks in assignments eg. 9.3… or 7,7 in Assignment 2, …

I saved myself!

In Monnickendamºs Modernism course called “English Prose of the Twentieth Century, there were two assignments, two mini essays searching for conciseness and accuracy, and I gleefully received 4.75 out of 5 for the first one, almost crying with happiness, before reaching unbeknownst to me places when I got 5 out of 5 for the second one, which I wrote on Wyndham Lewisºs Death of the Ankou and Marinettiºs Futurist Manifesto. This was compounded with forum and class participation (with a minimum of six forum entries), in a way I do not understand, and with my exam mark of 17.5 out of 20, to make for me the final mark of…. 9 out of 10 overall!!

I think this is a summary of all my marks for this semester so I will leave this here for now before I return with photos.. and tomorrow I go to Bilbao! I must pack and organise and buy a map!!!! A road map!!! Bon voyage.. to myself! Jajaja!

Bye bye for now!
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