In a While Crocodile

I finally had my last exam on Saturday and am so happy to be free again. I literally cannot believe how soon I’m going to be home though. A week on Wednesday I will be arriving at Heathrow, after nearly a year of being away.

It’s been an amazing 12 months and has most definitely been worth it. Moving down under was so, so scary back in July 2010 but now it feels completely normal to be here. I am going to miss it  . I’m nervous about going home…I imagine everything to be different and am slightly fearful that I won’t fit in anymore. Which is just me worrying stupidly really.

I am going to miss the sunny days, the new friends, QUEST, adventures, crazy Australian animals, travelling, the sea being warm, and little miss campervan.  But I’m looking forward so much to family, friends, pets, summer, the seasons, real Cadburys chocolate, things not being stupidly expensive, Edinburgh, mum-cooked food, bike rides and walks in the woods.

I am definitely going to be coming back here. I’m slightly ashamed that I never made it to the real outback. But to be fair, neither have the majority of Aussies. It’s still on my bucket list though. And I will be back. Next time with more money to do everything!

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, all I can say is DO IT! You will not regret it. And if you’re not thinking about it…Why not?

See you soon Britain



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