The Darkest Depths of Winter

Today is so chilly. I’m revising in bed with a hoody on to avoid it. It is only 13 degrees and it is 2.30pm. Normally it heats up in the day but I guess we’re heading into the darkest depths of winter. Australian’s seem to forget they even have a winter, there is no source of heating in this house and it seems to be specifically designed to keep the heat out. Brrrrr.

It is currently revision week and so nothing too interesting is going on in my world. I have been going to some dance classes in the city though. I’ve been going to tap classes which are really, really good. I always forget how much I like Tap, but really I think it’s my favourite. Then on tuesday night I went to a Jazz Class and it was so intense! It was listed as levels 1-2 meaning beginners to intermediate but I couldn’t even keep up! Even the warm up was like a pretty hard-core exercise class. I can’t even imagine what the advance class must be like. But I think I’ll definitely be going back -I want to be that good!

I also went to see Queensland Reds at the weekend -the rugby union team. It was a lot of fun but they lost. Me and Ryan have come to the conclusion that we are bad luck charms as everyone seems to lose when we go to watch them….

Hope you’re having a nice summery time. I can’t wait to be warm again when I get home! xxxxxx

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