What to do?

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Me and Ryan have been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately and Martha said this in one of the episodes. It seems particularly relevant to a year abroad as pretty much if I don’t do everything now, I don’t know when or if I will be able to. Who knows when I will be back in Australia? It’s getting closer and closer to home time so I’m starting to feel like I should be putting extra effort into living in Australia. It’s difficult to know what to do though.

Last night we went to fireworks at South Bank to celebrate Buddah’s birthday. They were actually pretty amazing. There was only 1 boat in the river setting fireworks off but they went on for so long and there were even fireworks which bounced off the water. Something which surely should not be possible! Apart from the lack of a burning bridge and fireworks coming off the top of buildings I would see that the fireworks were just as good as Riverfire, if not better. But this may just have been because it was so much quieter and I could actually see everything that was going on. I absolutely love fireworks. I am very excited for bonfire night when I come home -it did feel a little odd not to be cold as I watched the sky explode. Edinburgh is definitely going to make up for that though…

It’s started getting chillie in the nights here…but really it should not be at all. It is making me scared for winter at home or ULTIMATE WINTER as me and Ryan have come to call it. I’m feeling a bit nervous. I am looking forward to winter clothing though. I went shopping yesterday and tried on the nicest red duffle coat. Obviously it wouldn’t be suitable for winter at home but it started to make me a little excited about jumpers and coats and wooly tights! Which is strange as everyone at home is looking forward to summer but I think summer at home is going to be more like winter for me….

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