Help Japan

There have been so many disasters recently it seems like it may be the end of the world soon. I sort of wonder if there are always this many and I have just never realised as they have never been anywhere near me and I havn’t known anyone affected. Anyway, I have found this:!/papercranesforjapan

You should have a look -for every origami crane you make and upload a picture of they will donate $2 to Japan. My first attempt went horribly wrong but I blame the paper. I have since made 2 (1 half made by Ryan before he gave up). Just look on youtube to find out what to do. It’s an easy, fun way to help Japan. I think everyone should make at least 1 :).

I haven’t been up to much at all lately, just been out a few times and uni stuff. I seem to have loads of work to do this week. I have a lab report to write up and a 7 minute presentation on thursday which seems like a long time to be standing up in front of people talking for. I’m not looking forward to it much. I’ve been trying to get some sort of hospital work experience lately but that’s not going so well. I applied to volunteer weeks and weeks ago at the PA hospital but they still havn’t sorted it out. Which is concerning as they want you to do a minimum of 3 months and I only have 3 months left in the country.

3 months! I have been here for 9. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. I’m definitely feeling pretty ready to go home now though, especially as I can’t afford to do anything here now! I’m looking forward to so many things at home.

It’s starting to get cooler here now, which seems very strange when it’s getting hotter at home. Stranger than when it was getting hot here and cold at home, I guess that was a bit more exciting though.

Anyway, make a crane it’s for a good cause xxx

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