10,766km mini marathon completed!

So I ran the mini-marathon! It was an anti-climax for a number of reasons, but I did it! I have also booked tickets to go home for Easter, with the help of my father, and things seem to be falling into place. Yesterday I exploded the socket with the plug of an old lamp, and my radio alarm clock stopped working as  a result of the fuse box, or something, and I nevertheless woke up at 07.59AM! I really am a real person again. There is an assignment due in tomorrow I am struggling with but I think it will be relatively simple if I plod through it carefully: it is for Advanced Syntax.

This afternoon at 18.30 I will be meeting a girl called Alba to teach English! And I start a Bar Crawl job on Thursday, where I am paid by commission, 5 euros per person I get to come along, which I am also hopeful about. It is a good start. I have also started looking again for flats, because maybe I can find a cheaper flat than 400 euros, which is what I am paying at the moment.

In other news, Spanish Spring is English Summer and the sun is out and my skin is browner. I enjoy beach volleyball on the beach and sitting in the beating sun drawing pictures of nothing specific and writing my Fox Play for my English Contemporary Theatre class. Lidia threw away my ticket for BBK Live in Bilbao, in the North of Spain, accidentally one day, and I asked her if she would pay for it yesterday. It was tense, but I will leave it after this sown seed, because she is very emotional and moody.

Now I will go to class, and return briefly to work on my assignment after class: it is my Modernism class with Andrew Monnickendam – “English Prose of the Twentieth Century”. I will turn off my mobile so I do not get into trouble again and make sure I work on my assignment! I feel I should stay here and work on it but this is a valuable lesson I would not like to miss.

In between this all I will enjoy the sun! I need to stay focused when it comes to money and being wise, especially if I will want to travel Spain, but I must also rest and escape the twines of these important things because otherwise I will lose my head.


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