Running of 4k

So yesterday I ran 4k on the running machine aka “la cinta”! Today I was going to go again and run 6k but doubt set in as I began receiving different advices – my friend Matt Green said that it is better to rest and then run more tomorrow! So I will! I have used 2.50 to print articles on JOYCE and the EPIPHANY in my time, and I am going home now. I will inevitably fall asleep on the train but I will try not to! I also need to find a job. I gave my CV to an English bar and a La Rambla sweet shop this morning, and I hope expectantly I will get something. Money is low. It would be nothing if it were not for loans, however small (today 10 euros from a friend was a godsend!) Tonight, celebrating Lidia´s birthday. She is upset because she also has no job and needs one since her studies are over. Tomorrow morning, early class, and a meeting, but more importantly, TOMORROW = 6k running.

Here is the route of the “run”:

And a link to the website:

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