My Salomon shoes are gone

My Salomon shoes are gone!

I have been playing a lot of squash recently. Well, I say a lot, but I mean only a lot in terms of Barcelona-squash – I’ve never been able to play as much squash as I can play in Edinburgh. This has happened because I would play/practice Squash alone in the courts, because I could not find partners. So I put lots of posters up saying I am looking for people to play squash with, please send me a message, I am English (in Spanish) and I got about 7 responses. Some of the squash isn’t good, but I have stopped complaining and being a bore because it is better than nothing, but only now I realise. Because something terrible has happened. My Salomon shoes that I use for squash (therefore known also as my squash shoes) are missing. I believe they have been stolen. They have been pilched. Taken bitterly from me. I am so sad.

I last used them on Tuesday of last week. When on Friday I emptied my bag to clear out the old and stock up with the new, the squash shoes that should have been there, for they would be nowhere else, were not. They were gone. The only place they could be was the SAF gym changing rooms, or in the lost property. So with my actual squash shoes, which have poor grip on the dusty wooden squash floors, I went to my squash game with Carlos, on the Friday. Meeting him in reception of the gym I asked if he could ask for me about my shoes. Turns out they were not in lost property. After we played squash and also went to spinning, he asked again for me. They were not there. I am so sad. My theory is that somebody found them in the changing rooms, brand spanking new and in a generic woman size of 6, or 6.5, and kept them.

This week is a supposed holiday. Exams are over for most people. It is a week between Semester 1 and Semester 2, where we have no lessons. I still have 2 essays to write though. I really wanted to go home this week, but I can’t, it is far too expensive. It costs 140 euros, without the £80 costs for the train. A new pair of Salomon shoes cost 140 euros. My stolen pair of Salomon shoes (mountain running shoes, very good for sport because they have good grip and support the ankle) were grey and blue. I had spent the summer looking for them because I know how expensive they are. I found a pair in London in a camping shop for seventy pounds and quickly bought them, after investigating all my options, risking missing my train home, but managing to get them and all my other things done too, before my train to Barcelona later in the week. Furthermore, I need a new pair of Nike SB Slamdunk Hi-tops, or whatever they’re called. So when my Salomon shoes were miserably missing, there were further woes laced into my life. I want to play more sport, I need to buy shorts, and now Salomon shoes. I need to keep my eyes out and keep my spirits up and then all will be well.

In other news, the dog has her period this week. Did you think it was possible? Because I didn’t. She wears little black superhero underpants with a lady band in the house and if not she leaves little dots of red on the floor. It’s unbelievable, I never thought it possible. Dogs in England have all their reproductive parts neutralised, with whatever correct terminology this requires, I think this suffices. So I mopped up the floor with all its little red dots and also the two pools of wee she left. She is bad (‘mala’) because she pees in the kitchen and in the hallway.

I will return to my essay-writing. One is on A Passage to India (the novel vs. the film) and the other is on the canonical potential of contemporary novels considered by most as light entertainment for kicking back on the beach. I have to read and watch the movie and make notes.

With regards to the weather, it is sunny in the day, but cold when there is no sun. So it is cold now, since it is night. My Mexican friends who play guitar on the train to make money, and lived in the ‘casa ocupada’ or squat, near the Rambla de Raval cat statue (the fat cat/el gato gordito) now live in a squat right next to our flat on Carrer Nou de la Rambla – what a small world! Never before have I seen such things. They will stay there, occupying all of the floors, for at least a year. Neighbours have told the officials about them, so the judicial system is on the way to telling them to leave, but this will take a while, so they stay there til they have to leave. It’s fascinating, I tell you. They are our neighbours now though! I can chat to them from our balcony. They can throw me notes! In fact, I told them to do so.

I am going to go meet Grace now to read in Starbucks with her. It is a cold night. I am wearing white shorts. I should change but I might just throw on my navy jogging bottoms, I don’t like attracting attention from the Spaniards who see people in shorts as definitely foreign, or English, even though in the UK I would be wearing shorts in Winter when noone else was because it makes me feel free. Be back soon!

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