I was on TV! No way!

I keep on neglecting this! But I will return sooner rather than later to put good news in.

When I begin writing, today, it is Tuesday 25th January and tomorrow night Barcelona is playing again at Camp Nou – I almost decided with a friend to go, I was excited, but then he changed his mind, since he too has an exam on Thursday. I suppose this is wise. But my exam is not as difficult as the one I had on Monday, which was History of English, on Old English, at 08.30am – IN THE MORNING. Since it takes me an hour to get to uni, and since I never sleep properly/well before an exam, this was never going to be easy, so I spent the weekend training for it. I’d been getting up at 11am for the whole week, going to sleep at 3am because I’d been working in the peace of the night, so this was necessary. On Saturday, I made it down to 10.30am. On Sunday, I did it! I got up at 7.25am. The reason why this time it had been successful was that I had to get out of bed to help Tania with Zeta, because she had slept in and could not walk Zeta, so I said I would do it, and so I did it, at 7.35am! It was bitterly cold, biting cold that burns your ears and stops your hands from feeling anything or being able to move, and I was still half asleep. I sat for a few minutes on a bench near the sea in the harbour, watching a big cruise ship turning in, until Zeta started shivering, and then I returned. It was a great day. There was a panic attack in the night, when I struggled with the details and complexities of strong and weak verbs (yes, don’t ask me either) of Old English, but I’d eaten a Woki Wok! A box of yumminess! We had travelled to el Born with the dog and, at great expenditure of time, waited for the food to come. Zeta was investigated by other dogs, and other dogs were investigated by her. Upon our return, after panic attack had receded and I’d relaxed in the shower, I went to bed but I could not sleep for the pain in my eyes and head but it was ok. I managed to get to the exam on time! Even though I awoke on my 4th alarm, set for reminding me ‘I should have left by now’. I was late, but not too late to miss the exam, and then it was over! I hope I will pass, that is all I need and it is too difficult to aspire to have achieved more.

But now when I write, it is Wednesday 26th January 2011. I paused midway because I went to shower and when I returned my flatmate Tania was sleeping with the dog curled up in front of her and I did not want to wake her because she had worked ALL day from 8am to 10pm. So I went to sleep! So today is Wednesday. I am telling you about today because today I have found out that I have featured on TV!! No way, I hear you say! No way, indeed! Look!

It is me and my good friend SARAH OSBORNE, aka OSBORNE, taking part in an experiment to see if holding a pencil in your mouth can cheer you up. It was funny because I was already in a very good mood and then I was very excited when they said we were to be on TV, but we participated nevertheless and it was great!

So this morning, I went to the Starbucks that has a terrace looking out onto the sea, next to the harbour and it’s boardwalk, to read ‘The Ascent of Babel’ for an exam I have tomorrow on the LEXICOLOGY part of MORPHOLOGY AND LEXICOLOGY or MORFOLOGIA I LEXICOLOGIA. All I could think about whilst I sat there was: I was on tv! no way I was on tv it was so cool! Because I remembered how much fun I had had being interviewed there on the rainy miserable cobbled streets of Edinburgh town.

Now I must go to work because I leave very soon to play squash! I love squash so I am very happy. I am also listening to CUT CHEMIST at the moment, “What’s the Altitude (ft Hymnal)” and it is great. Try it!

I will return soon.

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