A girl, a dog and a bush turkey

3 days until I fly to Cairns and begin my ozzy adventure! It seems so close but I’ve still got so much to do. I have to work today and the next 2 days -I’m doing 7 hour shifts which I think are going to be hellish! But at least I will have that little bit extra to do things. I still need to clean my room and pack the last of my things up. It’s going to be so strange not having a home for 3 months, every day is going to be different and exciting. I don’t have much of a plan so it’s exciting not to know where we’re going to end up. So far the plan is:

26th November fly to Cairns

  • Buy a Campervan
  • Do a Dive Course
  • Travel up to the Daintree Rainforest -go Jungle Surfing (zipwireing through the rainforest, it looks amazing!)
  • Travel along the Coast

25th December

  • Christmas on a beach somewhere! Possibly Byron Bay?

31st December

  • Sydney for New Year’s Eve
  • Then travel along the coast to Melbourne (See the Little Penguins!) and do the Great Ocean Road

19th January

  • Ryan’s birthday
  • Go to the Melbourne Tennis Open
  • Then drive back to Brisbane, perhaps go to Canberra en route

25th/26th January ??

  • Fly to New Zealand??

8th February

  • Fly back??

10th February JAMIE arrive

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Whitsundays
  • Sydney -Jamie’s BIRTHDAY

24th February Jamie go home

  • Find somewhere to live

28th February

  • Back to uni.

This plan seems very vague, but really I think that’s what’s good about it! Having a campervan will give us the freedom to go wherever we fancy and see more of Australia than if we travelled hostel to hostel via public transport. And I think it will end up saving us money (unless something goes drastically wrong) as we’ll be able to sell it at the end. I really need to sort out booking flights though, especially to NZ as if I don’t do it now I probably won’t end up going :s. But it’s on my lidt of things to do!

The only concerns I have at the moment are if we can’t find a campervan and if it might be difficult to find a nice place to live right at the beginning of term – but it worked out alright this time…

Since exams I’ve been working and trying to sort everything out. I have managed to do some fun things though! On saturday me, Ryan, Guy and Rich went to movieworld and wet and wild again. I got to go on the Scooby Doo ride again and there was a new 4d film in movieworld. It was Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It wasn’t quite as good as Shrek but I did think it looked like a film that I actually might like to watch. In Wet and Wild Guy and Rich went on the loop the loop ride 3 times! After very little consideration I decided that I definately did not want to put myself through that again! I did get to go on the surfer ride (which Ryan previously found horrific) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me of being at the fair. We went on a few of the other rides I went on the really tall one thats up about a million steps that I didn’t go down before. It was not as scary as it looks but does hurt your back a little. Guy and Rich were very funny on the blackhole ride as earlier in the day Ryan had found some balloons in his pocket, the guys took them and were challenged to blow them up during the ride. Which they did! The lifeguards were so confused, it was many lols!

Me, Ryan and Guy also went to the Fox on sunday for $3 steak, chips and salad which was rather nice seeing as I have realised that I now like steak. We then went to the Science Centre which is like Brisbane’s version of Techniquest or @ Bristol. This was a lot of fun, although I did get beaten by a child for the speed I can throw. Most dissapointing. We built a bridge, made a tunnel maze on 3 sides of a stand, lifted each other and a fridge, froze our shadows and had our severed heads displayed on a fruit platter.

Another thing that some of you may already have heard about is the story of Jack the dog and the Bush Turkey. Personally I didn’t find it all that amusing but everyone else seems to do so. I was walking Jack the collie dog in the field at the back of the RSPCA and had let him off his lead to have a run around. He disappeared into one of the hedges, then all of a sudden a Bush Turkey came running out chased by a rather speedy Jack. I panicked and was running around after them shouting at Jack which did NOTHING. He caught the turkey by the tail and managed to rip all his tail feathers out before the turkey managed to get away. And then the chase began again. It only ended when Jack slowed down because the turkey was IN HIS MOUTH and I was able to make him let it go. The poor turkey was a bit worse for wear though with his poor naked tail, and feathers everywhere!

With that I must go as it is nearly time for work.

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