Exams are finally over! (WARNING:Harry Potter spoiler)

I’ve finished my exams now so finally have a bit of time to relax! Yesterday we headed to movie world and wet and wild again. Then today headed to The Fox for $3 Steak, chips and salad before heading to the Science Centre for some hands on fun. It’s a bit like Techniquest or @ Bristol if you’ve ever been to either of those. There’s loads of exhibits to play with/confuse you and test your abilities. I found out that I am able to lift a fridge and build a bridge. Essential skills I feel. Also have been to see Harry Potter! And I was a fan, it seemed better than the others as they actually bothered to stick to the book. I was not ready for it to end though as it really does seem to stop right in the middle. And, I forgot that Dobby dies! Sad times!

Around exam time I didn’t really get up to too much. For Louisa’s birthday we had drinks at home and then went to South Bank for some night swimming. It was really fun -not sure why we don’t do that all the time really. I hid Guy’s clothes in the bushes and he started to think that he hadn’t actually brought any -rather amusing. We made her a chocolate cola cake which was yummy -didn’t really taste like coke but was extremely moist.

Other than that I went to a few halloween parties. It was fun to dress up. Although the Australian’s don’t seem to really go for it as much. Me and Guy were getting the bus to a party and he had fake blood dripping from his head and I had a bloody bolt in my chest and the bus driver didn’t want Guy to get on because he was bleeding and she thought he was going to be trouble! She didn’t even no it was halloween. She let us on when she saw that mine was obviously fake though. We got to the party though and noone else was dressed up scarily. They were all dressed up randomly like people from Jersey Shore, “Canada”, christmas etc… It was mostly American’s there and really contrasted a party we’d been to a couple of nights before where it was mostly English people and everyone was dressed up scary. That was a fun night although it got shut down by the place. We ended up going back to some of the other girls house and jumping in the pool. But then had a long, cold walk home.

Ooh and I went to the zoo again but this time with my Biol2001 class. It was pretty good as we had talks from some of the keepers which they brought the animals along too. There was a koala, baby Tasmanian devils, a macaw (which was flying right over my head between the keepers -I felt like he was going to crash into me so kept on having to duck!), 2 baby Tasmanian devils and a baby alligator which I held! I’ve got some pics but havn’t uploaded any later so will update these last 2 blogs with those at some point. I also stroked an echidna and saw a baby wombat! I fed the kangaroos and the elephants again as well. I really love this zoo!

As for exams, well it’s good that they’re over. I think I will probably write another post specifically about them and the differences between here and Edinburgh but for now…I think I did okay.

This week I’m really just trying to sort my life out ready to go travelling on FRIDAY! I have to pack up, clean and move out my house. Try and book some flights to New Zealand and to the Whitsunday’s and Sydney for when Jamie comes over. And I’m working 7 hour shifts tuesday, wednesday and thursday so that I will hopefully have a little spare cash for when I go travelling :).


p.s. This blog is now actually up to date with my current life! Exciting times :).

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