New house! With dog!


Today I am moving to a new flat! I am moving from my room in 303 Carrer de Balmes. I will be living with two girls from Galicia and one dog called Zeta. The dog is a beagle, and it is very lively and loves eating and sleeping. It reminds me of someone I once knew who was like a dog because he liked eating and sleeping so much. The most important thing about the flat is there is a Window with real sunlight! I have been having trouble getting up in my flat at the moment, because the window is interior. With my interior window, I quite like the view of the inside walls, the grey paint, the drainpipes, the bobbly glass window that looks onto the hallway where at night I can see the light from the lift. I feel like Spiderman – I see things Spiderman sees when he runs up and down walls.

Though I quite like the window, I feel a change will be useful for my Spanish. The girls speak Spanish! It won’t be easy. My Spanish isn’t that good. But they are more lively than my flatmates at the moment, who I will nevertheless miss. I hope it is a good decision but living on the edge is inevitably a wise move.

Yesterday I took the first load of my things, and the dog has already tried to eat my furry rainbow tortoise which is a very good travel pillow. I will need to find something I don’t mind it chewing.

My new flat is near the metro stop Liceu, and it is on a street just off La Rambla, that main tourist avenue of the centre, bustling with people, beer sellers, flying-bright blue light-fairy-spring-toy-thing sellers, bar and club promoters, dogs, and skateboarders. It is a few flats down after Palau Guell, a building made by Gaudi which is less impressive than his park, the cunningly named Parc Guell.

I have neglected this blog, but no more will it be neglected!

Barcelona is a city for skateboarding, and since I have been unable to satisfy my sporting needs with my main love of Squash (or Hockey) then I have taken up skateboarding. It means I can get to places faster and I have a spark factory inside of me from the excitement of rolling through the streets. Before you ask, I still can’t do an olly, that’s next on the list, and I still don’t know how to stop neatly, or dodge people. I have had my skateboard a month now. It was built by an Argentinian young man called Juan who is better known as Poppa. He is tall with brown curly hair and the shop he works in is called RUFUS, next to MACBA, which is a museum of contemporary art. More importantly, the design of the plaza in front of the museum is ideal for skateboarding. It is a place where I made many friends and a place we frequented on nights or lazy afternoons. I have also neglected visiting this place. I have been swept off balance by early rises for an hour long journey to university and a changing routine. From now on I will take care to be more vigilant!

I will continue packing now, I have a lot of things! Adeu! (Goodbye in Catalan)

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  1. Halo, Zosiu.
    Dziękuję że napisałaś to. Mam nadzieję że będziesz mogła kontynuować .
    Kocham cię,

  2. I love this!
    I would love to visit you! PLEASE?!

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