This and that.


I have realised that there are loads of things that I havn’t got round to writing about. A few weeks ago I went to Brisbane raceday where I won $10 on a horse! I spent $15 though so didn’t actually come off any better, but it’s always good to feel like a winner. Races are pretty different here, only the young people go -I don’t think I saw anyone older than late 20s. V. different from the UK. Also everyone is only really there to dress up and get drunk. It’s a public holiday here for showday so noone had uni and a lot of people go. We ended up getting there really late though, and weren’t all that dressed up. Guy and Rich were pretty much the only guys not to be wearing a shirt or a suit and I think I could have done with a posher dress.

Also that week was Ekka which is a 10 day long country show. Me and Ryan went and loved it! We saw the cutest baby goat, I wanted to steal him!

There was also a petting area which was an enclosure filled with lambs and calfs and baby goats and you could get food to feed them.

The goats were greedy and tried to push me over.

There were also some strange competitions going on. We saw people racing to chop logs and racing to build a railway.

A couple of weekends ago it was my housemates birthday so we all went to Movieworld. There was the best sccoby doo ride, I could have gone on it all day. It was a bit like Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland but not on water. Well it was the same level of scariness and not at all like it really. But reaallly good.

I have also found the best cupcake shop:

And Ryan found his street:

I went on a field trip to Brisbane forest park as well. It was a horrible day though so wasn’t all that enjoyable. I did see a platypus though! (at the wildlife centre, not the wild).


Hope you are all well,


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