So you may not have heard of Australia Zoo but you will have definitely heard of Steve Irwin. This is his zoo, and is still run by his family. It is such an amazing day out it needs a whole post to itself.

It’s a lot smaller than Edinburgh zoo but it’s much more interactive. I can’t figure out which I like more, but if they were combined that would be the most AMAZING zoo!

So, we got there and got our free adventure passes (meaning we can go back anytime until the end of the year for free, it’s something to do with the 40th anniversary), then headed straight for the kangaroos. We saw some alligators on the way and then I got completely distracted by the wombats – they are so, so cute! I really want one for a pet, but I think they frown upon you taking them. One of them even had a little safari jacket on -I think he must have been a bit chilli. They are just like fat teddy bears and seem to just wander round the pen or have a little sleep all day.

Mr Wombat in his safari jacket.

We saw the snakes as well, but they weren’t very interesting and I’m not really a big fan of snakes.

To get to the kangaroos we had to go through the tropical bird aviary. There were parrots and pretty pigeons and little birds there. The pigeons were much pretty than the ones we have at home -they’ve got purple and green bits. And then when we came out of the enclosure there was an animal keeper moving a baby crocodile into another enclosure -so I’ve touched a crocodile! And i didn’t die or even get bitten.

We then found the kangaroos, but you don’t just look at them, you get to go into the enclosure and feed them and stroke them! They are so much softer than I thought, just like really big rabbits. But we couldn’t see anywhere to buy any food, so we couldn’t feed them then. The kangaroo enclosure led into the koala enclosure -where you also walk in amongst the animals. There was a koala sleeping up one of the first trees we saw. I was very excited about this, and then we walked around the corner and it got even better! There were loads of koalas on stands and you were allowed to stroke them! They were also very soft. We came back here again later in the day and one of the koalas had a joey on their back! You weren’t allowed to stroke it though as the mother would probably attack you. So, so, so cute though!

Stroking the kangaroos

Mummy and Baby Koala

After this we headed to another enclosure to go to a koala talk, and then had lunch. Then we went to the crocoseum for a show. The crocoseum is a stadium with water in the centre which connects to some of the crocodiles enclosures. First of all there were snakes (one went swimming in the pond) and then loads of birds flying around -they would come right over your heads! While we were there one lady from the entertainments team was auditioning to become part of the bird showing team. Her birds were supposed to land on people from the audience but when she let them go they all flew away out of the stadium and she had to chase after them! I felt sorry for her that her audition went wrong, and Ryan thought I was stupid because it’s part of the show. I think he’s definitely wrong though. After that all the people came out of the enclosure and all the gates had to be locked so that a crocodile could come out. He swims up from his enclosure as the water is all linked. 2 crocodile keepers then were making him get out of the water to chase some food. There was a lot of stamping and splashing water involved in doing this as the crocodile is supposed to move towards the vibrations. He wasn’t too keen on coming out but when he did he moves pretty quick! I wouldn’t have wanted to be in there.

We looked at loads of crocs after that then got the zoo train to ‘Asia’ where I FED AN ELEPHANT!!!! You just go and pick some food out of the bucket and you can feed the elephants. They are all standing by the fence and just suck it up from your hand with their trunk. I think that may have been the best part of the day! I got to feed 2 elephants because it wasn’t very busy when we were there :D.

Feeding an elephant!!

We also saw some tigers in Asia and they had keepers just sat in the cage with them! There were red pandas as well. We then went back to the koala enclosure where we saw the joey, then through another kangaroo enclosure. I had bought some food earlier in the day so we got to feed the kangaroos then! They eat really slow so the food lasts for ages. Sometimes they would hold onto your hands to get the food. One time 2 kangaroos came over at the same time and I didn’t know what to do so I just held out the food in the middle and one started eating it. The other tried to eat some as well though and the 1st kangaroo did not like that..I may have started a small fight :s. While we were there, there was a small child chasing a kangaroo and he kept hopping away from her every time she got to him and tried to stroke him. It was quite funny :).

We then saw the rest of the animals like the dingoes, lizards, some more koalas and more crocodiles before going home. And I bought Australia zoo top trumps in the gift shop!It was such a good day!

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