Since I’ve been here I’ve done a fair bit of sight seeing around Brisbane, so heres a little about some of the beautiful places I’ve found.

I went to the botanical gardens at mt coot-tha. This was the first place I went out of the city.They were very pretty and so different from anything at home. Absolutely huge as well, we were there for hours! After this we headed up to mt-cootha. Although we managed to miss the path and ended up walking up a road which wasn’t too fun. The view when we got there was amazing though!

South Bank is also a really good place to go in Brisbane. There is an artificial beach there -so you can swim or sunbathe with the cityscape as your background. Feels a little odd at first but its a really cool place to go. Most of Brisbanes’ museums and galleries are around here as well so it’s pretty good for a rainy day as well.

Gold Coast has the nearest actual beaches. The main town is called Surfer’s Paradise and is very built up. It has the largest residential skyscraper in the world there so you can imagine what the skyline is like. It actually starts to get shady on the beach around 4pm because the buildings are so tall! It was so good to go to the beach though. That’s what I was imagining most of my time to be spent doing before I got here.

The wildlife is pretty exciting here as well. There are pelicans! I’ve only actually seen one but I was so excited. They just make me think of Giraffe, Pelly and me! The lakes at uni are full of eels and turtles and have many different bird species living around them. The lizards here are huge!and they’re everywhere! The other day I saw one with a blue tongue!  There are loads of other cool birds as well like the cockatoos and little parrots. I am not a fan of the kookaburras though. One day I was walking to the lakes to eat a sausage roll I’d just bought and as I was bringing it to my mouth a kookaburra swooped down and stole it right from my hand! He didn’t even eat it! Apparently the ibis like to steal food as well and are always hanging around the foodcourt. Birds just have no fear here -a bit like seagulls back home I guess.

I will get back soon with more about what I’ve been doing and maybe soon we’ll actually get to what I’m up to now…

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