Getting started

So as I am in Australia I have actually been here for over 2 months already (the term starts in July), so I’m going to post some blogs about the things I have already done before I actually get to what’s going on at the moment. So this is going to be all about what happened when I first got here…

When we got to Brisbane airport we were picked up in a minibus with other students, mostly from Singapore. It was v exciting seeing the city for the first time and was such a nice day with no clouds at all. We were dropped off at the college we were staying in and shown to our rooms. It was just basically halls. Met some nice people while I was there though who I am now living with! Had a wander round the campus on the first day then went to bed at 7 as sooo tired. Next day I went to a meeting about accomodation and a general getting started meeting. Then headed into the centre to get an australian number but we went on a boat! It’s called the citycat and is basically a water bus, so much better than a normal bus though. Like, like, like.

The next day I got round to viewing some places and the 1st one I went to was the dirtiest house I had ever been in and all the floor was peeling up and it was absolutely awful! So I left asap. I went to see another one after lunch though. I just happened to be talking to people at St Leo’s when one of them (Rich) got called by a landlady who offered to pick us up and show us her place with 5 free bedrooms. And there were 5 of us and it is so sooooo nice. So that’s where we’re living now. My bedroom has a dividing wall in it so that I have my own little study, i love it. There’s 2 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen/diner/living space. Then downstairs we have our own mini party flat. Its ceilings are supposed to be too low for it to be let or something. But it’s got its own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area so were gonna make it our party room. And it’s always good to have a spare bathroom and kitchen. We’ve also got a little garden with a BBQ. The area is a little way from uni, about a 40min walk but I think I’m gonna get a bike.
My flatmates are Rich who is from near Bristol, Guy from Cheltenham who is also doing biology, Louisa from Chicago, Aymerica who is French and an Australian guy called Graham.

It was much easier finding a house than I thought it was going to be. I think initially everything makes you panic because you’re in this big strange country, thousands of miles away from everyone you know (although my bf has actually come out with me on a working holiday visa- so that was good for me!). I wish I knew just to chill out a bit back then and to not be so nervous about pretty much everything. Things soon settle down and start to feel like home…

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